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Boy Gives This Girl the sport Ball To Impress Her But Something Just Isn’t Right

A boy catches a ball and hands it to the girl behind him, probably to impress her but something just isn’t quite right!
Watch closely within the video below and see if you'll see what he did! I used to be surfing the “Youtube” again the opposite night watching some baseball clips and this one showed up in my feed. obviously, it went super-viral…over 10 million views as I write this.
Was is this pure puppy love or its really a diabolical plan? If you don’t watch closely you'll miss it. I’m surprised the announcers caught it but I’m glad they did. I’ve seen a couple of parody around on social media that attempt to paint him during a sneaky light saying things like…
“GIRLS take care OF THIS GUY!”
Now let's get this straight. A boy gets thrown a game ball. he's a force with the selection of keeping it or giving it to a gorgeous girl behind him. But he knows he wants the ball. What does one do?
I think his solution was very creative and he almost got away with it!
It’s just boys being boys. there's one thing for sure…when this kid grows up he is going to be ready to tell his own children about his 30 seconds of fame when he wasn't only on MLV TV but a viral sensation