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He Takes a fireplace Extinguisher And Makes Ice Cream?

Are youngsters bored this summer? trying to find a fast, fun and yummy project which will WOW them? How about making Fizzy Ice Cream!
As I used to be browsing “The Youtube” last week trying to find a singular frozen dessert recipe I found this zany thanks to making carbonated frozen dessert.

Source: Youtube via The King Of Random

I was like what? Is it actually getting to fizzle in my nostrils as I take that first bite and shove it into my mouth! I can’t wait to seek out…
Source: The King Of Random via Youtube

In the video below you'll see how easy it's to form and NO you don’t need to make your solid with a fireplace extinguisher just like the guys within the video below did…but it’s cool to understand that you simply “could” if you wanted to.
Source: The King Of Random via Youtube

Oh boy, I can see it now… Mom’s don’t show this video to your boys reception or soon your home is going to be handling empty extinguishers!
Enjoy and allow us to skills it seems for you!