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A Little Girl Asks Old Man For A Hug And My Heart Melts…

Dan Peterson 82 year old was battling depression since his wife died 6 months ago. With nothing to measure for, the depressed old man had no will to maneuver on.

Then a miracle happened that changed everything. the story of how a smile can lift you up from the dark abyss of depression.
It was just another regular day filled with loneliness and self-pity for Augusta, Georgia resident Dan Peterson. Since his wife gave up the ghost in March 2016, he was living on their lonesome with nothing but a mound of grief to accompany him. Peterson never expected life to open the doors of happiness to him. But something happened when he went grocery shopping that fateful day.
Little 4-year-old girl Norah Wood was also at the grocery together with her mom to select up some birthday cupcakes. She noticed the depressed old soul that Mr. He was and reached towards him with a smile.

“Hi, old person!” Norah yelled from her cart. “It’s my birthday today!” Mr. Peterson was at a loss of words with this sudden approach by a sweet female child.
It was months since Mr. Peterson really spoke to anybody. When this tiny angel Norah spoke to him, his face lit up and therefore the two struck up a conversation. the moment connection the 2 had was magical.
Before bidding farewell, Norah requested her mom to require an image with the old man. The conversation lasted barely 10 minutes but the impact was profound.
What happened within the next few days after their encounter is nothing in need of a miracle.