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Mel Robbins: How To Stop Chasing Perfection

One piece of advice that i want to give to everybody

is so many of us are obsessed with perfection

we think we've got to do it right we've got to approach a homeowner the right

way we've got to look uh the perfect way

we've got to have the perfect pitch we've got to have the perfect referral

program and focusing on perfection it will cause

hesitation it will cause you to start thinking and

the kiss of death in the real estate business is

hesitation you have to trust your instincts you have to train

yourself to take action and so one of the reasons why people and

realtors in particular really respond to me is because i'm relatable

something called the prattfall effect where studies show

that people that are experts which you are if you're a realtor

and that's another thing we're going to talk about today is that we tend to

diminish our expertise and you let clients start bossing you

around because you start to doubt yourself and you start to worry about

things and then next thing you know the

client's running the relationship and you're no longer in the expert position

and so the prattfall effect has been researched and what it means is that if

you're the kind of expert and you are an expert if you're a

realtor if you're the kind of expert that

flubs up that makes mistakes that will knock on a house even though you're in

your running tights because you've got this

intuition that holy cow four houses went on the market

on this street i know the research i got a feeling about this one the guy's

finally mowing the lawn and he hasn't done it in a month

you know something's happening um you gotta trust that

you can't stop yourself and say but i don't look perfect but i'm not in my

uniform but i don't have my badge on but i don't have my pitch ready but i don't

have materials you have to honor your instincts and

sometimes that means when you knock on somebody's door

and trust your instincts and ask them if by chance they're putting the house on

the market and if they ever think about it would they

think about calling you you got to trust yourself enough to not wait until you

look perfect not wait until you can do it perfect

because the more you hesitate the more you focus on perfection

the more you will kill your business i'm sorry are you a real estate agent

no but i'm an entrepreneur and i eat what i kill

and i know that you will build your business one conversation

one phone call at a time and there's amazing technology tools out there and

yes you should be using them and you should be figuring out what ones work

for you but let's be honest this is a business

about relationships this is a business about action

and if you hesitate if you procrastinate if you get so wrapped around the axle

about being perfect you will not build the business of your

dreams and so what i want to do today on this stage

and what i do every day in our work on social media is to give people the tools

to free themselves up from the mental garbage and the habits that we've

developed that keep us safe so you can get out of your comfort zone

and you can grow your business because darn it you deserve to but here's my

question so clearly you can motivate people you can

get people to move into action yes when they leave here all happy and

hyped how do they go back home and continue that they're going to leave

here with a tool so yeah you're going to be motivated

when you listen to me and you'll be motivated if you follow us on social

media which you should um but more importantly you have tools

like it's so easy to talk about what you want

why you want it to get people pumped up but if you don't leave here with tools

you're not going to change and so you're going to leave here with a bunch of

tools number one you're going to learn the five

second rule number two i'm going to educate you about habits and how your

own brain has learned patterns that are getting in the way of

you creating the business that you want we're going to talk about anxiety i'm

going to give you research-backed tools to use with the five-second rule

to literally rewire how you think so

whether you're dealing with an anxious mind or you're dealing with the stress

of an economy that you're worried is going to change

if you're dealing with the stress of worrying about interest rates rising if

you're dealing with um with a fixed mindset and you want to

have a growth mindset you have to change the way your thinking

patterns are encoded in your brain we're going to talk all about that today

i'm going to show you the science behind procrastination and

what procrastination actually is and how to break the habit of it

and finally you're going to walk out of here having spent some time with me

also understanding a trick from harvard medical school

that helps you turn any nerves into excitement and so

what i'm committed to and it's why when i walk in a room people are like oh my

gosh oh my gosh my husband who had ptsd is actually

getting control of the triggers and i'm able to

manage sobriety and i can talk to my kids and help them

with anxiety there's a guy named keith pike

who is a member of this organization who saw me

at a conference three years ago or four years ago maybe now

and he was 200 000 in debt his wife didn't know it

he had started his real estate business had gone in the hole in the hole

heard the speech you know an updated version of it but heard the tools i'm

about to share today he within two years flat of hearing for

me was the number one net gain agent award

for all of re max global he now closes more than a million

dollars in business a day because he recruited agents and built

three offices in what he refers to as little old arkansas

and so he understood that holy cow it's my own hesitation

it's my own procrastination it's my own fears that are stopping me

and when you equip people with tools to be able to

push through the self-imposed obstacles that we put in our own way

you're unstoppable and so i am so excited to be here and to

talk to all of these folks in real estate because i know what i'm

about to talk about could change the course of their

mental health it could change the course of their bank account it could change

the course of their business it could change the course of their

families and so anyway that's why i'm a little amped

how do they find you after you leave oh um well we're all over social media

literally just google mel robbins we put out new videos every single day

we've won creator awards on youtube we've got you know reaching 20 million

people a month so if you want daily motivation for free and who

doesn't if you want research uh back tools that

will help you make more money who doesn't

if you want to be part of a community online that cheers for each other if you

want your questions answered by somebody like me

who's building multi-million dollar businesses and i wake up and i eat what

i kill so i know what you're going through

and who doesn't want that help just google mel robbins and you will find us

and come be part of our world and we would love to cheer for you and we would

love to help you make your dreams come true thank you