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How to give your kids the best year ever | Mel Robbins

How to give your kids the best year ever | Mel Robbins

- Okay, welcome to day three.

I am here with my awesome son.

- Hi!

- Oakley, oh my, you are so cute, I can't stand it.

We are going to pick up

where we left off yesterday, page six, 2018.

I think the easiest way to do this with your kids

is to just ask them the questions and talk through it.

So, Oakley, what are three good things

that happened this year and how did they make you feel?

- I went to Costa Rica.

- Oh, for JJ's 80th?

- Yeah, that was pretty epic.

- Why? - Epic!

Because we were with all the cousins

and we were just doing a bunch of fun things

and it's basically just chilling out.

- 'Kay, what else?

- Performing the musical theater, that was good.

- Why? - Because I got to do

what I love the most.

- 'Kay and final thing.

- Getting my braces off.

- Oh, flash those whites, those pearly whites, man.

Look at that smile.

I bet that felt liberating.

- It did. - Okay, what are three

low points of the year and how did you handle them?

- Three low points were, oh, going to a new school,

it's kinda hard to change.

Having to make new friends

and having more work to put in.

- Oh, it was school.

- Yeah, most of those are just school.

- And it was low 'cause it, why was it low?

- Oh wait and one more is puberty,

'cause it made me so moody.


- It's a low point for me too.

Actually, one of my low points this year,

other than Amigo dying.

- Oh. - I know.

How rough of a year you had and watching you struggle.

That was a low point for me too

because it made me feel helpless to help you.

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, let's not stay depressed.

- Nope. - So what was a big lesson

you learned this year?

- The golden rule! - Which is what?

- Treat others the way you wanna be treated.

Well, technically, I already knew that,

but it just kinda like came up

a good amount of times this year.

- Kinda like that's how lessons are,

you already know them, they just tend to get reinforced.

- Yeah.

- You know what I mean?

- Mm-hmm.

- You know, my big lesson was is to be more deliberate.

That I still, even though I'm 50,

complain about things instead of just solving them.

I let things get to me, I say I want stuff

but I'm not deliberate about putting in the work.

So that was kind of a big lesson for me.

That you can make anything happen when you're deliberate.

What'd you do last year that you're proud of?

- I'm trying to think.

I think, probably moving to a new school

and just taking it like easy as it can get.

- So you just rolled with it?

- Yeah, I tried.

- You did a good job meeting new people.

I was really proud of you for that.

I thought you did a great job meeting people.

What are your hopes and dreams for this year, for 2019?

What do you wanna happen in your life?

- Probably getting closer

with the new people at my new school.

- That's a great one.

Anything related to musical theater?

- Probably just to enhance my voice

and get better at guitar.

- I see you picking it up a lot more.

It's really cool to see that.

All right, one thing that I want for me.

I really want, I wrote down

I want my kids to be happy and thriving.

That's what I wanted.

Pretty good, huh?

- Thrive!

- Now that Oakley and I have completed 2018,

we're gonna stop this video.

I want you to do a competition for 2018,

by yourself or with somebody that you love and care about.

You can go back and forth in conversation,

you can do it on your own too.

Use the hashtag #MindsetReset,

take a photo of yourself doing it with your friend.

(imitating camera shuttering)

And post it on social media, tag us so we can cheer for you

and feature you in our stories.

Tomorrow, Oakley and I are gonna pick back up

and we are gonna go through 2019.

- Woo, woo, woo!

- And you're gonna see me asking Oakley about his goals.

So many of you are doing this with your kids

and with your students, I wanna make sure you get more video

on how you do this with the teens

and young kids in your life.

- Bye!