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9 legit ways to make MONEY online in 2020


- I always joke that I was looking for my talent, because my brother can draw, and my sister can sing. And I'm like, I have no talent. And in looking for my talent, what I learned was better than talent. It was skill.

And so if you can train yourself to teach yourself how to learn things, then you could teach yourself how to learn and you could teach yourself how to monetize, and then it becomes a cycle, and you never have to worry about where your money's coming from again.

- What's going on everybody, It's me, Jo, Jo Franco. And today's video is one that I'm really excited about making, because it's all about entrepreneurship.


It's all about making money from nothing. It's all about pretending like you have a bunch of skills.

Maybe you do have a little bit of skills, but monetizing it. And so then you learn the skills along the way.

We're in the era of knowledge, right? Which means that you can use that knowledge to get crafty on how to make yo' shmoney on the internet.

Now, who am I to be talking about this topic?

I'm just a little broke immigrant girl, and I made everything I own off the internet.

This is such an exciting topic for me, because I always say that the internet is the great equalizer.

Yes, there is a racial wealth gap.

Yes, here are financial problems that a lot of us cannot fix individually.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, just declared that we are in fact, in a recession.

We lost 22 million jobs between March and April, and things are not lookin' good.

Honestly, people are saying that this is even worse than the great depression, but here's the thing that we have that they didn't have, the internet.


And the reason why I'm such a big proponent on making money on the internet is because this is how I've supported myself for the last seven to eight years.

I haven't worked for anybody else since 2014.

And honestly, life's been pretty good. As long as there's strong wifi, I can make money. And so I'm gonna teach you some easy ways that you can make money from home, with, or without skill.

Obviously it's always better if you have a skill, but you could always teach yourself skills on the internet.

Thank God for the internet. But I just wanna let you know that if you're sitting at a very big disadvantage, whether it's because you were born into the family that you were born into, or your race, anything that puts you back in life, as far as like where you start financially, this video is really important because the internet gives you the ability to unlock this freedom that we've never had before.

The first way you can make money on the internet is by making a YouTube channel.

Now this is by no means the easiest way. This is actually very, very difficult.

 If you've met any YouTubers you can ask them how many hours a day that they work, nine times out of 10, they'll say 12 hours minimum because it takes a lot of work to film, and to edit, and to post, and to repeat, and continue to do that consistently.

YouTube channel option is really good for anybody who likes to build something from nothing.

It's really great if you like community, it's great if you like to put in work upfront, and you like to get better as you go.

Because YouTube is very much this big legacy that you're building.

It's hard to start making money on YouTube Because you need to have either 1000 subscribers, or 4,000 hours watched, whichever comes first.

Once you hit those milestones, you're able to get monetized. But the thing about YouTube that makes it hard is that you're getting paid per thousand views, it's CPM, cost per thousand views. And that range is up and down based on the season, based on the kinda content you make.

So it changes often and it fluctuates. But the thing that people don't realize about YouTube

 is that if you make YouTube videos, and you post it and your channels monetize you will make money off of that video for as long as people are watching that video.


The way that I look at it, it's like you're making money while you sleep, because yes, you spent 12 hours filming and editing that video, but now you can sleep for 12 hours and that video will continue to make money for you.

Now, what people don't know is that YouTube actually takes 45% of the AdSense revenue off the top.

So you're only making 55% of the AdSense revenue. So while it's a nice buffer of income, it's by no means the only way that you should be making money.

When you're a YouTuber, the big money comes in from brand deals, which is a direct payment from a brand saying, "Hey, we have this campaign or this product.

"We want you to promote it." And in fact, this video is sponsored. Now how do you get brand deals?

You can go direct to the brand like I used to and message everybody on LinkedIn, stalking them and saying, "Hey, I make these videos "I would love to work with you." And nine times out of 10 you won't get a response,


but that one time out of 10


that you do get a response,


it'll pay yo' rent.


Or you can sign up for


marketplaces that are specifically


designed to connect


influencers, to brands.


Some of the ones that I've used


before are IZEA, (mumbles).


There's so many new ones now,


but I would just recommend Googling


influencer marketplace for sponsorships.


Here's the thing about


this age that we're in,


it's all about the micro influencers.


So brands are realizing that there's power


in paying people that have


less of a massive following


because they're more affordable.


Whereas somebody that has


seven million subscribers,


it's gonna be absurdly expensive


to pay for a brand deal there.


So if you're worried about


not having enough subscribers,


or followers, don't be.


Because you could easily make


a few hundred dollars here,


a few hundred dollars there,


but be careful because if you're


spamming out your audience,


you're gonna lose the reason


you were able to monetize


in the first place.


So I highly recommend


putting in a lot of thought,


and effort into your brand deals,


because if you lose your audience,


you won't go get more brand deals.


Does that make sense?


Get it, got it, good?




This video is actually


sponsored by VIPKid,


which is a company that


connects native English speakers


to teaching kids in China, English.


Which is brilliant because you can do it


over the internet,


you get paid an average


of $15 to $22 an hour,


and you can choose your own schedule.


So it's convenient around your life.


You don't need to go


into a physical building.


It's a brilliant way to


get yo' lifestyle right,


and teach something, and


probably learn as well.


Because if you're teaching


somebody in China,


odds are, you're gonna learn something


that you wouldn't have learned otherwise.


In order to be considered


a teacher for VIPKid,


you must have your bachelor's degree,


two years of experience


working with children,


and you should be eligible to work


in the United States or Canada.


All the curriculum is


also provided on this one.


So you don't need to come


from a teaching background,


which I love so much 'cause


that makes it more available


to people that wanna get into teaching,


they haven't ever done it before,


they don't really know where to start.


You start with VIPKid.


Thanks for sponsoring this video.


Another way to make money on the internet,


is a great passive income as well.


It's making a website, okay?


So maybe YouTube and video


work is not your thing.


That's okay.


I get it, it takes so many


hours to edit one video.


It makes sense.


If writing is your thing,


you could easily start your own website.


There are a million different website


builders that you can use.


But the thing about starting your website,


what's beautiful is that it's


owned and operated, right?


It's called O and O.


It's something that you've


made on the internet.


It's your little real estate online.


And if you're making content,


you can easily connect


it to an AdSense account


and have ads on the corner of your site.


So if you ever go on a website,


and you see ads pop up and


it's like really distracting,


that's how that company is making money.


That's one of the ways


they're making money.


So very much passive income


in the same way that YouTube videos are.


Because as long as you have


the vehicle to place the ads,


the ad dollars roll in.


All I would recommend you do is Google


website builder free.


You buy a little domain name,


you slap it on the website.


And then you start looking


up either Google AdSense,


or monetization platforms for blogs,


and you connect your


site to those platforms.


And if you have a website,


you can sell your own products, right?


Because you have a platform to say,


"Hey, I'm launching a course.


"Hey, I'm launching this product."


And you have customers because


if people are there to read your articles,


they're there to buy your things.


It's really beautiful that you can create


your own empire by going on the internet.


And it's all connected, right?


So you might think oh,


I don't really want an a website,


but I wanna do social media


work, it's all connected.


For instance,


the way that I make my


money is I have my website,


I sell things through it.


I have my YouTube channel,


I have AdSense coming through that.


I have my social media,

I get brand deals through that.


And it's all connected and interweaved


because you needa have a funnel.


You needa have,


you needa have a funnel.


You create your own maze of content,


and they're just like coins.


It's like you're Pac-Man,


and you're just like


gobbling up the money.


Maybe you don't wanna


be as entrepreneurial


by starting your own website,


YouTube channel, whatever.


Maybe you wanna freelance.


And you might have some skills.


For instance, a lot of


people are graphic designers


and they know how to design things,


and they can list their


services on websites


that help freelancers


find clients to work for.


So some websites you can look for


are Fiverr, and Upwork,


and you list your service,


and then somebody like me,


sometimes I need graphic design work,


or sometimes I need virtual assistant work


and I go on those


websites and I look to see


who's available, where they're available,


what languages they speak,


and I can hire a freelancer


without ever having met them.


The thing about freelance is


you have all of your freedom,


but you also have all the responsibility


to hunt down where your


paycheck is coming from.


So these sites are really


great to get started


in building your portfolio of


working with other clients.


If you don't have skills,


I recommend that you try


to be a virtual assistant.


Some people that have online stores


just need people to put


in some email addresses,


or do some admin work that you could do,


even if you don't have any skills,


and you could still


get paid hourly for it.


Maybe you've been journaling


with me in Jo's Journal Club,


And you're like, you know what?


I wanna write.


I like to write so you


could become a copywriter.


Copywriting is just


basically writing text.


It's just writing texts to


be the vehicle for an ad.


You don't need to be Langston Hughes


to become a copywriter,


which is really nice.


There are a few different sites


where you can become a copywriter.


I would just suggest doing


a few searches on Google,


but has an


application process as well.


I'll link all of the resources down below.


If you love to write


and you actually wanna become a writer,


then I recommend writing for sites


that pay for articles,


like Medium for instance.


Shelby Church just posted a video


saying that she got paid


$6,000 for one article


that she wrote on Medium.


And the way Medium works is that


it's subscription-based so five


dollar per person per month.


And if you write an


article that goes viral,


then you get a sliver


of all of those eyeballs


that paid for those subscriptions,


and it's actually a


lucrative way to make money.


A lot of writers start posting


several articles on Medium,


and then you're making


money while you sleep.


So I really love the model


of doing the work upfront


and letting it pay for


your bills later on.


And if making content, and teaching,


and all of that stuff is not for you,


then you can always go the old school,


new school way of selling


your things on sites


like eBay, Poshmark, Thredup,


because it makes it so easy


for you to have an online store


of goods sitting around in your house.


I'm sure you got some old dingy sneakers


that you want to post up and say,


"Hey, these are vintage."


You probably don't wanna sell sneakers


on those sites though, that's kinda gross.


But you do have things that


you don't need or use anymore.


Even considering cell


phones and things like that.


There are websites where


you could just sell


your electronics and get paid cash for it.


What I love about this concept


is that you can technically


become your own thrift store


on the internet and your


customers pay for the shipping.


So all you needa do is


take nice pictures of it,


post it on your store.


You go to the shipping store,


and you put it in the mail,


and then you make your money.


And that's good for somebody


that's more hands on,


but still wants to be


flexible with their work.


Again, we are in economic difficult times.


A lot of people have lost their jobs.


But what we do have at our


disposal is the internet.


And if you have the internet,


you have access to learning anything


that you've ever wanted to learn.


And you can monetize anything


that you already know how to do,


or things that you will learn how to do.


And this video hopefully


has inspired you to do that.


I know I just bombarded


you guys with information.


Please leave a comment below


if you have any questions.


How are you making money on the internet?


Are there other ways to


make money on the internet


that you know of?


There are jatrillions of ways


to make money on the internet.


I know this,


these are just ways that I recommend


and that I know for


sure are great options.


And for all of the other resources,


there's gonna be an article on my site,


which I'm still trying to


get my AdSense linked up to,


which is really annoying.


That's why I haven't


even been writing on it


because I'm like, dude,


this traffic is for nothing.




I consider myself an


architect on the internet


for finding ways to make money.


Where there's a will, there's a way.


Where there's the internet, there's a way,


that's my personal motto.


Don't forget to follow me on social media.


And I will be back with some more videos


that hopefully help y'all out.


'Cause you know, she like yo' big sister,


I swear I'm that big


sister that's telling you


what you should do that no


one else is gonna tell you.


And I'm the little



sister, which is bizarre.


Even my big sister says that


I'm like her big sister.