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The secret to success in marketing | Mel Robbins

- We're always thinking about does this interest or help

or entertain the person's that's reading it.

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This is a huge mistake that people make in marketing,

that so many newsletters are me.

What am I thinking?

- (off screen) Come see me. - Like, hey come look at me,

hey, I'm in an event, hey, buy my (bleep)

And whenever we sit and write the newsletter,

we're thinking about what is the most valuable thing,

because somebody has actually invited us into their inbox.

And that is a critical question in marketing

that most people are not asking themselves,

they're spamming people.

And they're doing only (bleep) that's about them.

And they're not thinking about

well, why does somebody subscribe to me?

And when we write that newsletter,

and it's why it is so incredibly successful,

and why people love it.

We're always thinking about,

does this interest, or help,

or entertain the person that's reading it,

and, you know, any time that it turns out

to be too much of us talking about us,

somebody on the team catches it, thank God.

Because there's nothing more annoying

than having somebody go on, and on, and on,

about all the cool (bleep) they're doing.

Versus, thinking about what are some

interesting hacks, and links and cool things

that we can introduce people to,

that might improve their work, or their life.

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