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When being sick isn't an option | Mel Robbins

- We are back now with the flu emergency.

It's not the worst season in eight years.

The CDC says every state, except Hawaii.

(Kendall coughing)

- [Male Anchor] Right now, doctors are seeing

the most visits they've seen due to flu-like illnesses

in nearly a decade.


(static and high-pitched tone)

- We're calling Donna, who's a Certified Health Coach,

and is a community manager for our team

to tell me what I need to do holistically

to keep my voice intact for three hours.

I ordered a shot that's gonna make my throat

just burn like (beep), too, lots of ginger.

Oh God, that's a lot, okay.

(classical music)

Oh my God, I also need a piece of pizza.

(classical music)

Every partnership needs that,

somebody that sticks the thumb.

Ooh, flu shot, I think we should pull in right now.

- [Mandy] And get you one?

- Do you think it would make it worse if I got a flu shot?

- [Mandy] Probably.

So, I sent Audrey the full-length video of the thing

that we want to do today, kind of the --

- Oh, the format?

- Yeah, the format.

- Yeah, I didn't watch it.

- What do you mean you didn't watch it?

- Well, I just saw the set up on the stage,

and I thought, "That looks good, I'm gonna send this

"to Mandy, 'cause she's gonna get it done."

- Okay, well I got it, and Audrey and I talked about it,

and I can't send you messages on Instagram

'cause you don't know how to get them.

You only know how to send them.


- Oh, why don't you show me how to look at

the Instagram messages.

- [Mandy] No. - Why?

- Because, the second I show you Instagram messages,

you're gonna wanna talk to every single person that --

- Correct.

- That messages you, and it's thousands

and thousands of messages, but the second,

the way that it works --

- Is somebody looking at that?

- Yes, I am. - Oh, you?

- Yeah.

- You should not be looking at them.

- They're not all messages; 90% of them are mentions.

And the way that Instagram messages work

is if someone even tags you --

- Oh, (beep) I know where that is.

I know where that is; I've seen that on Instagram.

Oh look, there's Lisa and Tom Billieu; I love those two.

- She has no idea, even though it's a huge number

in the top right corner. (Mandy laughs)

Literally says. - Oh, 11.

- There ya go.

- It says, no, I've got actually more than 1,000 requests.

Oh look, Angelica from the --

- Yeah, exactly.

- Jetblue flight who recognized us.

"It was such a pleasure having you on the flight."

That's 'cause I slept the whole way,

so you didn't have to deal with me at all.

- There was a moment where I was like,

"I really need my phone," 'cause Mel looked like King Tut.

(Both laughing)

So are we still going to Puesto after this,

or do you wanna just not?

- Definitely. - Okay, cool.

- I'm hoping that if I take this hot bath

and I sleep for an hour, when I get on that stage,

I will have a surge of adrenaline

that carries me 90 minutes.

- 90, what about 75?

- 75. - Yeah.

- I don't think I have much choice.

- You get to 5:30.

- So I'm gonna take a bath, I'm gonna nap,

and then I'm gonna take a cold shower.

- Cool.

(Mel coughing)

That's probably not helping.


I shoulda got vaccinated before I got infected.

(clearing throat)

Okay, bye.

- The truth is, you guys, you're never, ever, ever, ever

gonna get rid of the shit that triggers you.

There will always be people that make you feel insecure.

There will always be deals that make you feel

like an imposter.

There will always be this sense of rejection

the more you put yourself out there.

Stop worrying about that stuff.

Feeling all of it's normal; letting it stop you is a choice.

- [Announcer] Awesome, give Mel a round of applause, please.

(audience claps and cheers)

- Thank you, everybody, thank you.

I have no voice; Audrey has no contacts.


You gotta power through.

Alright, they're gonna board.

We gotta go, bye.